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Licenses for both the leisure and career pilot


National Pilot's License

For the adventure seekers that want to fly for the fun of it!

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Private Pilot's License

First things first! All pilots have to start at the beginning.

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Commercial Pilot's License

Build a career as a Professional Commercial Pilot.

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Type and Class Ratings

Every type of aircraft requires different ratings to fly.


Popular Courses

These are some of our most popular courses! Find the one you’re looking for right here.

National Pilot's License

R56 850

Just looking to fly light sport aircraft as a weekend hobby? Our NPL course will get you soaring.


Private Pilot's License

R88 790

Start your career as a pilot with our private pilot license course! Control an airplane from the first flight.


Jabiru J200 - J450 Ratings

R1 170 p/h

Add the Jabiru range to your license. These budget friendly machines are perfect for hour building.


Intructors Package

R420 000

Get a job as an instructor at Learn 2 Fly when you sign up for our Instructors Package.


Ground School

R350 p/h

Open to all students. Make the most of our facilities and instructors with weekly ground school classes.



The Pilot Life Awaits You

Learn 2 Fly is a team of passionate aviators. We all fly and we love to braai. If your ideal Friday afternoon consists of hanging out with fellow pilots and talking about cross wind landings, you will feel right at home in our hangar!

Why us?

6 Reasons To Choose Us

We hold ourselves to the highest aviation training standard.


Exclusivity To Each Pilot

We aim to provide a 5-star experience for each client.

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First-class Flight Training

Quality theoretical training supported with proven practical methods to ensure the quickest learning curve, at industry low rates.


Passion For Aviation

All our staff have major passion for flying, passion for flight training and passion for the individual.

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Pilot Training Programs

Complete your pilot training on a managed or self-paced programs. Our training programs has been designed by education experts.


Solid Foundation

We strive to perfect the basics. By focusing on individual, one-on-one training we lay a solid foundation. Each student receives undivided attention and mentorship. This gives our students a much needed advantage.

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Hire & Fly

For qualified Pilot we have awesome hire and fly packages, You can book a plane for a hour or for a weekend and go and explore South Africa and enjoy your license.


Tourist Feedback

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