School Rules

L2F operates as a top-class training academy. Combined with our reliable aircraft, facilities, flight training equipment and aids, learning to fly has never been easier!


Students must arrive at least 30 minutes before the booking to complete all necessary documents and do a comprehensive pre-flight inspection

The Electronic Autho sheet system (SEAMS) must be opened before each flight.

Each Autho sheet opened needs to be closed after each training flight, or pilots on hire-and-fly flight must make sure the Autho sheet is closed on arrival at destination. It is of the greatest importance that the Aircraft logbook corresponds to all exact details as per SEAMS autho sheet.

The flight training exercises authorized by an instructor must be strictly adhered with by the student pilot.

All pilots are to adhere to all SACAA and air navigation regulations, consult your instructor if unclear.

Students are to obtain a meteorological report one (1) hour before departure for any flight, and weather minimums are to be strictly adhered to.

No student pilot may practice low level flying without an instructor.

No pilot may practice spins without a qualified instructor on board.

Your license must always be carried on board the aircraft, no license no fly.

Any student pilot that has not flown for twenty one (21) days will have to undergo a check ride with an instructor before any solo flight.

Flight folio must be correctly and neatly filled in after each flight, only black pen is to be used.

All snags must be reported to your flight instructor or flight operations manager.

The Pilot accepts full responsibilities for the excess payment due on any aircraft used for flight training and or hire-and-fly and must be in possession of valid Excess insurance, through any acceptable insurer, to the value of minimum R 25 000.

If any maintenance issues arise due to wrongdoing or malpractice of the pilot those maintenance costs will be for the pilot’s account. Damage will include and not limited to: - damaged airframe and wings, damaged interior, damaged engine, flat spots on tires etc. If unsure of a defect found during pre-flight please contact Learn 2 Fly by calling, SMS or whats app before departure otherwise you will be held liable.

Please treat the aircraft like it’s your own. All responsibility is passed onto the pilot when the aircraft is in your possession.

Should the pilot/ student, at any time, not adhere to any regulations as set out by Learn 2 Fly or the SACAA, local rules or government set rules, the management reserves the right to cancel flight training and or hire-and-fly agreement with no refund.

Flight Bookings

Bookings will only be confirmed if the correct credit amount reflects in the account.

Cancelations made less than 24 hours prior to the booking will result in a 50% cancellation fee being charged to your account unless the school is presented with a formal doctor’s letter. 


The Pilot will remain liable for all costs incurred for hiring an aircraft, including although not limited to the following: – Landing and parking fees, passenger fees, ATNS service fees, fuel surcharges and administration fees. A WET rate includes all fuel, oils and maintenance costs.

Should the Hobbs become unserviceable for whatever reason, the Pilot agrees that the flight time be calculated by using the Tacho time multiplied by 1.2 and charged accordingly.

Hours purchased and or deposits paid will not be refundable due to cancellation for any reason whatsoever, hours paid for must be flown.

Aircraft Operating Procedures

All aircraft are to be operated in accordance with the relevant aircraft flight manual and to comply with the limitations and performance data contained herein.

The aircraft must be operated in compliance with the South African Aviation Legislation, Air navigation regulations, learn 2 Fly rules, local and Government rules.

After each flight the aircraft must be properly secured (e.g. tie downs, control locks, pitot covers, window covers, etc).

Care should always be taken to run the engine on the correct mixture (refer to the POH) setting.

It is the pilot’s responsibility to make sure all documents are on board and all items are serviceable prior to departure, any fines incurred due to documents missing, expired or unserviceable will be for the pilots account.

Aircraft shall be cleaned on return. Do not leave any garbage in the aircraft. Any cleaning that is needed to be carried out by Learn 2 Fly will be charged to the pilot’s account.

A visual check of the fuel in the fuel tanks must be carried out during the pre-flight inspection and no flying will be allowed with less than half tanks of fuel on either side. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command to ensure that adequate fuel and oil is available before any flight may commence. Any fuel or oil added is to be noted in the flight folio.

The pilot will be charged a penalty fee of R50 per entry for any corrections which Learn 2 Fly would need to make. 


New hire-and-fly Pilots must do a check flight and be signed off by an instructor/ safety pilot before they will be permitted to rent any aircraft.

The check flight is only valid for 3 months irrespective of the hours flown by the Pilot. Alternatively arrangements may be made between the pilot and Learn 2 Fly and noted in writing.

Check flights are for the account of the Pilot and standard Dual rates are applicable. If the Pilot has not flown at all in the previous 30 Days a Check flight must be done.

The pilot is responsible for the completion of the Passenger Indemnity forms of any passengers on the aircraft and accepts personal liability for their passengers.

For all Non-Local flights, departure times, routes as well as flight plans with references needs to be submitted to or WhatsApp Ops phone (+27 62 818 1801) 24 hours before planned departures.

For all Local flights, departures, routes as well as flight plans (if applicable), needs to be submitted to the Ops phone via WhatsApp (+27 62 818 1801) one (1) hour before planned departures.

On arrival at any destination, Learn 2 Fly requires notification via WhatsApp or email that you have arrived.

Flights to unregistered airfields without an ICAO designation, are NOT allowed without the written consent from Learn 2 Fly management and the insurance company.

The Pilot agrees that whenever the aircraft is flown away, and be spending the night, away from base, he/she will notify Learn 2 Fly of the location of the aircraft. The aircraft always needs to be hangared, unless prior permission is obtained from Learn 2 Fly.

International flights will require prior approval from the Learn 2 Fly.

If the pilot chooses to take a safety pilot with them Learn 2 Fly requires the Safety pilot’s details: a copy of his or her Pilot’s license and a signed indemnity form which should be submitted to Learn 2 Fly

All bookings shall be done via email or the agreed official What’s app group.

The Pilot agrees to inform Learn 2 Fly of the intended routing and any change in said routing must be discussed with a Flight Instructor or member of Management of Learn 2 Fly prior to said change.

Any snags are to be reported to Learn 2 Fly immediately.

In the event of a major snag occurring while you are away from base, you will remain responsible for the aircraft until such time that Learn 2 Fly takes possession of the aircraft again. Learn 2 Fly is to be immediately contacted in order to action the AMO be delivered to you. Learn 2 Fly will not be billed for any expenses that you may have occurred.

Upon returning from the flight, the Pilot will provide proof of payment for all fuel and oil added, landing fees and passenger fees: failing which Learn 2 Fly shall charge the fees to the Pilot’s account until such proof has been provided. Fuel cards may only be used for fuel. A 100% penalty will be charged to the pilot’s account for other charges.

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